Celebrating Greek Easter

This year, we celebrate the Easter occasion with a nod to tradition, while our featured artwork, entitled Coexistence, presents a pleasingly incongruous pairing. 

Two Easter eggs, steeped in the symbolism of rebirth, exist in a state of serene harmony. This peaceful tableau stands in stark contrast to the Greek tradition of Tsougrisma* (τσούγκρισμα), a cherished Greek Easter egg-cracking custom that embodies the Easter spirit with a touch of playful competition involving the ritualistic tapping of red-dyed eggs.
The unbroken egg, a harbinger of good luck, is a coveted prize in this joyful yet symbolic competitive act. 

Coexistence offers a whimsical proposition: could the promise of good fortune be ushered in through gentle cooperation, rather than the traditional contest of cracking shells? 

We invite you to ponder this delightful paradox as you celebrate Greek Easter along with us, a time rich with symbolism and imbued with the spirit of renewal. 

Warmest regards,

Nelly 🌸

& The Team at |‘𝐧 𝐀𝐫𝐭| 

♥︎ Special thanks to Eva Paraskeva whose oeuvres we are favoured to display on our gallery !

*[ Tsougrisma, a cornerstone of Greek Easter celebrations, transcends mere child’s play. 
•The vibrant red eggs, traditionally dyed with allium skins, symbolize the blood of Christ and his triumphant resurrection.
•The act of tapping eggs together evokes the breaking open of Christ’s tomb, signifying the victory of life over death.
•The unbroken egg brings good luck for the year ahead. ]

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