The name ‘n Art originates from a core belief: art possesses an inherent ability to permeate not only every conceivable field of human endeavour but also the very fabric of our existence, weaving itself into the rich tapestry of human experience in its myriad forms.

The apostrophe and lowercase “n” function as a captivating artistic conceit. On the one hand, the “n” discreetly alludes to the initial letter of our founder’s name, Nelly, adding a delightful personal touch. On the other hand, it playfully abbreviates the conjunction “and,” subtly suggesting the boundless potential for art’s integration with any discipline or concept. Whether in the realm of science, music, technology, archaeology, philanthropic activities, or within the ever-expanding frontiers of human exploration, art invariably discovers a means to interweave, enriching both the discipline it encounters and, in turn, being enriched by the exchange.

This philosophy of constant interaction and mutual shaping between art and all aspects of life forms the foundation of |’n Art|.

The platform was established with the express purpose of maximising the potential for art to integrate seamlessly with every branch of knowledge.

Our mission is twofold:

  • Firstly, to cultivate a vibrant public realm where art flourishes.
  • Secondly, to raise awareness of that profound yet often overlooked experience – the stirring, the moving, the illumination triggered by a captivating artwork, a thought-provoking concept, an impactful exhibition, an innovative art project, or a groundbreaking spatio-temporal experiment.

|’n Art| aspires to shatter boundaries. We envision a world where art engages with:

  • Every sphere of activity.
  • Every sphere of influence.
  • Every sphere of study.
  • Every domain of human knowledge.
  • Every discipline.
  • Every field of exploration.
  • Every specialised area.
  • Every imaginable scope.
  • Every perspective.
  • Every individual taste.

|’n Art| thrives in any context.

The choice to explore, to be moved, to be inspired – the choice is yours!