The Founder

Nelly Fili

Nelly Fili is an archaeologist, museologist and independent curator, born in Athens, Hellas.

Believing in the cultivation of a supportive and inclusive cross-cultural platform for both artists and collectors, she founded the |’n Art| Art & Publishing House which specializes in art and culture, and maintains an international online gallery.

Due to her passion and devotion to her scientific orientation, she gained wide range of advanced knowledge concerning the art sector by combining such disciplines as Archaeology, Museology and Curating. This specific combination and her diverse family background in financial services expertise constituted the conducive factor that provided her a variety of necessary skills and general awareness in art trading, as well as in conceptualizing and designing exhibitions and cultural projects of different contexts.

Her global experience extends beyond the national art scene as she chooses to participate in international prominent exhibition projects like the exhibition Good Night and Good Luck. at Venice, Italy during the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale; a collaborative project by eight curators, coming from worldwide, with the A plus A Gallery in Venice, Italy, and The Cool Couple artist duo.

Moreover, she has launched a cooperation with the International Foundation for Greece Aspasia Leventis (IFG) -a Charitable Non-Profit Organization founded in London by George and Aspasia Leventis- incorporating the social responsibility mission and cultural heritage awareness goals of Philanthropy into Arts.

As Head of the Cultural Department she manages a variety of cultural issues of archaeological, museological and curatorial interest.

Valuable was her contribution in the recent organization by IFG of the charitable character concert of Andrea Bocelli at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, while crucial is her role in coordinating the actions regarding the great vision of the Foundation for the creation of the New Archaeological Museum of Delos.


After graduating from the private school Costeas-Geitonas, her academic achievements started with a

  • Bachelor Degree in Archaeology and History of Art from the Faculty of History and Archaeology of the School of Philosophy at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with completed historical approach towards the study of societies.

She also holds a

  • Master of Arts in Museum and Gallery Management from the Department of Arts Policy and Management at the City University of London which, allowed her to gain valuable knowledge on how to form cultural policy that reflects diversity, multiculturism involving all people in the learning and understanding process.

But, it was through the international faculty and interdisciplinary lectures and

  • the Award Certificate in Exhibition Curation from the School for Curatorial Studies in Venice, Italy, that she increased her understanding of the intellectual and technical tasks of the curator figure related to the set-up of exhibitions and projects in the city where The Venice Biennale, the oldest and most prestigious exhibition of contemporary art and architecture, internationally, takes place.

Additionally, always believing in the importance of the lifelong learning, she stayed updated on new initiatives and trends in the sector by undertaking art and culture oriented training seminars and workshops (at Christie’s Hellas, Hellenic Department of ICOM, Hellenic Children’s Museum, etc.).


Regarding her professional career, her strong engagement with the Hellenic Ministry for Culture prepared her well for a variety of practical and administrative duties since she worked as Consultant for cultural, archaeological and museological issues and Head of Public Relations of the Minister for Culture. She was part of the concerted effort to improve Hellenic State Museums and responsible for their serious upgrading and restructuring while she facilitated also the planning and implementation of a great number of national and international cultural events, organized by the Ministry for Culture.

In addition, her tenure at the Organization for the Promotion of Hellenic Culture (OPEP) was representative and catalytic as Consultant in cultural, archaeological and museological matters.

Subsequently, in the Local Government, she has been Cultural Affairs Consultant and Head of Public Relations of the Mayor of the City of Piraeus. while, notable is her executive experience in the family business FILIS Consulting Ltd heading an Organizing Team which created and developed large scale cultural events.

Moreover, she has worked as researcher archaeologist at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens and as assistant collections manager at the British Museum within the framework of Internships by the City University of London.


Her publication activity includes articles, interviews, curator’s notes and research essays and thesis, a selection of which is listed here below:

She is Member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

She is fluent in Hellenic (native) and English, has studied French and Spanish and has also received classical ballet and contemporary dance education for nearly 15 years.