• September 2016: “Black Art Market, the appropriation and illicit trafficking of antiquities and the hidden nefarious purposes that consolidate the management of exerting power in this field.”– Essay published in the catalogue of the exhibition “Good Night, and Good Luck.” At A plus A Gallery, Venice, Italy

Learning by Engaging with Museum Collections – Young …

Museums, libraries and archives, with their unique collections and resources, constitute the most significant “inheritance providers” in the community and …


  • “Insurance Provisions for Museum Collections and the Case of Hellenic Museums” postgraduate thesis- August 2002- graded with the mark of 75/100
  • “The Works of Spyros Vassiliou (1902-1985)” undergraduate thesis- presented in February 1998 and graded as ‘Excellent’
  • “The Works of Pericles Pantazis (1849-1884)” – June 1997
  • “Parmigianino’s –The Madonna with the Long Neck”- June 1996