Seeking to support a broad spectrum of clientele, from simple visitors to collectors, from public institutions to corporate investors, |’n Art| is proud to present and deliver a wide collection of expertly curated art.
Antiques, fine art, art objects, crafts, of high calibre, by a variety of media -including photography, video, sound, installation, painting, drawing, sculpture-, of timeless value or creative potential are included, with a fine delicate balance between what’s new and what’s established.       

Looking for something specific apart from what is displayed? |’n Art| is able to satisfy any request through its wide art network around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

+++++++++ IMPORTANT NOTICE +++++++++
*** Please contact |’n Art|, BEFORE you conclude with the purchase of a specific artwork which is unique (only 1 item in stock), in order to verify availability. It rarely happens that items are sold simultaneously globally, and stock amount may be different from what is displayed at the artwork’s page. In the unfortunate case that this happens, we will either offer a similar or other artwork, or we will refund the amount, bank charges borne by the beneficiary.

*** In order to be able to provide you with the most accurate shipping cost and method, we can only ship our products to you when we have all necessary information such as your destination address, email, and telephone number, which have to filled in during checkout. We will contact you to discuss various shipping options and preferences (taxation, invoicing for customs clearance, insurance etc). We deliver globally.

*** We are happy to provide assistance with any availability, shipping or other inquiries through our customer service email, or on +302111981243.

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