Kostas Kampouropoulos – Attacking The Windmills


Kostas Kampouropoulos (1939-2018)           
Attacking The Windmills
painted between 2007-2016
oil on canvas 
80 x 60 cm.


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Artist/Maker: Kostas Kampouropoulos (1939-2018)

Object/Materials and Techniques: Oil on canvas

Date: Painted between 2007-2016

Dimensions: H. 80 cm. x W. 60 cm.

Art style: Romantic elements with surrealistic expressionistic structures/Abstract art

Current Location: Private collection

Curator’s note: The famous scene where Don Quixote De La Mancha rides his skinny horse Rocinante and attacks a row of windmills that he believes to be ferocious giants. Sancho Panza, his squire, can be seen in the background, humbly riding his mule. A point towards human vanity and obsession of evil hunting and one of the painter’s favourite stories from Miguel de Cervantes’s novel ‘Don Quixote’.
The contrast of the white horse in the painting, which otherwise is a modulation of tones of grey, gives emphasis on the attack of Don Quixote who breaks his lance and throws both himself and his horse into the air. Similarly to the novel which blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, in the painting herein the simplification of the forms, in an overall shadowy composition, succeeds in punctuating the hero’s illusions and imagination, conveying a sense of a dreamy poetic reverie.                          
As the artist has pointed out regarding his style of painting his subjects used to almost float in the air; and is this floating that creates the scenery where the vision is being generated..