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Kostas Kampouropoulos – The Zealot


Kostas Kampouropoulos (1939-2018)           
The Zealot
painted between 2007-2016
oil on canvas 
130 x 90 cm.

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Artist/Maker: Kostas Kampouropoulos (1939-2018)

Object/Materials and Techniques: Oil on canvas

Date: Painted between 2007-2016

Dimensions: H. 130 cm. x W. 90 cm.

Art style: Portraiture/Romantic elements with surrealistic expressionistic structures/Abstract art

Current Location: Private collection

Curator’s note: An all-in-one scene, where crimson-dressed and thorn crowned Jesus holds the Holy Grail (a pop version), Virgin Mary weeping, a Roman soldier with a fierce face, a lion’s head -an indirect reference to the future mass executions of the early Christians in the arenas- and last but not least, Judas, the alleged traitor and Zealot collaborator. These were the last moments of Jesus’ earthly teachings. A reference to Bible and the Holy Gospels. In this paintings all meanings are mixed into one canvas, one of the painter’s favourite techniques.