Eva Paraskeva – Controversy (NFT)


Eva Paraskeva                             
ink drawing on watercolour paper
34.5×48.2 cm       


Artist/Maker: Eva Paraskeva

Object/Materials and Techniques: Ink on Aquarelle/Watercolour Paper

Date: Painted in 2017

Dimensions: H. 34.5 cm x W. 48.2 cm

Art style: Ink Drawing

Current Location: Artist’s collection

Curator’s note: A Visualized Debate: ‘Controversy’ Expressed in Ink

Eva’s captivating artwork, titled ‘Controversy’, presents a visceral exploration of opposing forces through a chromatic dichotomy. Contrasting shades of blue and black ink sprawl across two distinct drawing surfaces, functioning as autonomous entities that ultimately coalesce into a composite whole.

These elements, like the inky blackness engulfing a swirling black form and its cerulean counterpart resisting confinement, become a visual metaphor for controversy, a recurring theme in Eva’s artistic repertoire. They juxtapose and collide with dramatic impact, creating a powerful sense of confrontation. The intrusion of one form into the other, like the sharp lines delineating boundaries between contrasting worlds, is not just a physical separation but a symbolic barrier.

Lines themselves become conduits of knowledge and power, their stark edges amplifying the sense of contentious engagement. Interwoven across the pictorial space, they generate a vibrant dynamic within the visual dialogue, devoid of unintended ambiguity. The graphic complexity, beyond its kinetic energy and intricate details, embodies a potent expressive force – Eva’s unique artistic signature.

This dynamic composition invites viewers to contemplate the inherent tension within existence. Are conflict and opposition inevitable, or can seemingly disparate elements find a way to coexist? The two

Nelly Fili