Eva Paraskeva – Controversy


Eva Paraskeva                                           
ink drawing on watercolour paper                                        
34.5 x 48.2 cm.       

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Artist/Maker: Eva Paraskeva

Object/Materials and Techniques: Ink on aquarelle/watercolour paper

Date: Painted in 2017

Dimensions: H. 34.5 cm. x W. 48.2 cm.

Art style: Ink drawing

Current Location: Artist’s collection

Curator’s note: Capitalizing on two different colours of ink, blue and black, onto two different drawing artifacts that, overall, constitute individual parts of a composite synthesis, with one to intrude upon the other, Eva Paraskeva highlights her own perception of Controversy. The sharp edges, of both of the portrayed abstract sketches, reinforce the contentious conflict act that takes place in front of the viewer.                            
All lines convey knowledge and power, communicate thought and feeling, and grouped together, they create a vibrant compound between one another, with no pun or any nerve racking percept.                                                    
The portrayed graphic complex, apart from a charismatic sense of full swing and a remarkable emphasis on many-sided detailed miniature drawing complexes, carries a graphic expressive power that adds on Eva Paraskeva’s personal signature artistic vernacular.            
The two main elements oppose, crash together with strong impact and create a dynamic clash effect. Thus, through an exceptional skilfulness in using inks, Eva Paraskeva, herein, succeeds in provoking intense Controversy, as the main theme of her specific drawing oeuvre.                                                          
Nelly Fili