Eva Paraskeva – Together (NFT)


Eva Paraskeva                             
ink drawing on watercolour paper
39.5×30 cm    


Artist/Maker: Eva Paraskeva

Object/Materials and Techniques: Ink on Aquarelle / Watercolour Paper

Date: Painted in 2015

Dimensions: H. 39.5 cm x W. 30 cm

Art style: Ink Drawing

Current Location: Artist’s collection

Curator’s note: ‘Intimacy in Nuances of Ink’ presents a captivating exploration of human connection, rendered in a seemingly uncomplicated yet profoundly evocative style. Eva Paraskeva employs a nuanced palette of inks on watercolour paper as her canvas, upon which she weaves a poignant narrative of entwined figures.

Her mastery lies in the intricate dance of linework, which manages to be both powerful and elegantly pared-down. Each stroke, imbued with a profound understanding of human connection that transcends the physical, contributes to a symphony of emotion on the stark white ground. This meticulously crafted web of lines fosters a profound sense of intimacy and vulnerability.

The figures, though faceless and featureless, appear to merge into a singular entity, their forms echoing and complementing each other in a silent dialogue. The negative space between them becomes as significant as the figures themselves, suggesting a sense of shared space and emotional connection.

The title, ‘Together‘, serves as a succinct yet potent encapsulation of the artwork’s central theme. While the absence of facial characteristics obscures the gender or precise nature of the relationship between the figures, the focus remains unwavering on the universality of human connection – a truth unveiled by the artist with masterful simplicity and profound insight.

Nelly Fili