Menchaca Studio (since 2010)
Crocodile Very
fiberglass / fine colourful crystals beads
66 x 272 x 370 cm. / weight 75 kg.

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Artist/Maker: MENCHACA STUDIO (since 2010)

Object/Materials and Techniques: Fiberglass Sculpture decorated with Fine Crystals Beads

Date: Created in 2018

Dimensions: H. 66 cm. x W. 272 cm. x L. 370 cm. / Weight 75 kg.

Art style: Sculpture / Huichol Art / Modern Folk Art

Elaboration time: 3 months

Current Location: Artist’s collection in Mexico City

Curator’s note: ‘Transcend yourself into the mystic Huichol world of Menchaca Studio.’

Praised for the opulent blend of the ancient Mexican spirit with the contemporary vision, Menchaca Studio consciously chooses to put in the spotlight the forceful crocodile which, since ancient times, holds powerful symbolic representation.

Crocodiles give rise to feelings both of astonishment and fear when seen in nature, correspondingly because of their distinguishing attributes plus their ability to strike before anyone can react. Their physical characteristics along with their wild character, in accordance with their timeless link with fertility, rain and lightning, all contribute to their potent symbolism.

‘One of the most represented deities Tláloc, also known as the god of lightning, in several pre-Hispanic cultures was related to crocodiles’, according to the Major Temple (Templo Mayor) project research of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) the main focus of which is the discovery of the hidden meaning of crocodiles among Mesoamerican cultures, and how they relate to their belief systems, rituals, and garments. Based on the findings of pre-Hispanic representations observed from this particular project research, ‘several deities that wore crocodile garments such as full body suits, capes, masks, helmets and headdresses were related to aquatic symbols, fertility, the Earth, creation and death.

Respectively, the present Menchaca Studio Crocodile sculpture, entitled Crocodile Very, carries a special sense of sacred character and physical vigor.

In the same way to the entirety of Menchaca Studio’s total output, so too the fiberglass Crocodile sculpture is conceived and handcrafted in collaboration with a special selected group of artisans, members of the pre-conquest community of native Huichol Indians of Mexico’s remote Sierra Madre Occidental region whose culture has survived through thousands of years.

Capitalizing on the traditional technique of Huichol Art that draws upon both the bead by bead embedding, and the powerful motifs of imagery, the authentic Huichol Crocodile sculpture combines vibrant colorful fine crystal beads and intricate pattern details to form an attractive mosaic that interweaves with the ancient symbology of the millenary Huichol art.

Thus, as a genuine artwork of the Mexican Huichol tribe, Crocodile Very emerges from within achieving a strong bond between the reality and the divine. By means of a process in which it communicates with the ‘spiritual world’ of Huicholes, it powerfully incorporates their immortal culture, belief and profound knowledge with regards to nature, history, religion and cosmology.

So dominant in shape and size-length plus deceptively astonishing in form it looks like a marvel to behold in the wild. The graceful outlines of the corpus accurately display the dynamic shape of the large voracious semiaquatic reptile giving the impression of potential movement while its appearance, via the typical long snout with massive jaw and sharp teeth, reflects the intensity in its conscientious action.

Undoubtedly, the impressive Menchaca Studio Huichol Crocodile carries such a compensating largeness of effect that inevitably thrusts itself into attention magnetizing the viewer at once.

Distinctive with a modernist take, it succeeds in contracting timeless cultural traditions while effortlessly revealing a whole new remarkable world of modern folk classiness. Any venue, where placed or exhibited, automatically gets upscaled and turns into an audacious display of strong statement.

Ancient art practices & modern aesthetics all in one-of-a-kind unparalleled piece of art.

Discover on the |’n Art| gallery online platform the Art and Culture of Mexico through the handmade authentic works of Mechaca Studio, broadly acknowledged for their strong impact to the viewer, as masterfully delivered by Huichol people.

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Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 370 × 272 × 66 cm