Menchaca Studio – Monumental Horse


Menchaca Studio (since 2010)
Monumental Horse
fiberglass sculpture, fine crystals beads, bronze hoofs, 14 karat gold bath
170 x 80 x 220 cm. / weight 90 kg.

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Artist/Maker: MENCHACA STUDIO (since 2010)

Object/Materials and Techniques: Fiberglass Sculpture decorated with Fine Crystals Beads / Bronze Hoofs with a 14 karat Gold Bath

Date: Created in 2018

Dimensions: H. 170 cm. x W. 80 cm. x L. 220 cm. / Weight 90 Kg.

Art style: Sculpture / Huichol Art / Modern Folk Art

Elaboration time: 2 years

Current Location: Artist’s collection in Mexico City

Curator’s note: ‘Transcend yourself into the soulful Huichol world of Menchaca Studio.’

Conquering a space between worlds, between the real world and the art world, the existing and the ancestral, the earthly and the divine, the Monumental Horse sculpture from Menchaca Studio collection reveals itself in colorful beads and vivid imagery, leaving and indelible mark upon the viewer.

Praised for the opulent blend of the ancient Mexican spirit with the contemporary vision, Menchaca Studio consciously chooses to put in the spotlight the Horse, the majestic animal which, since ancient times, holds powerful symbolic representation.

Horses constitutes a significant point of reference in mythology, history and traditional stories being denoted as the most loyal companion of man in battle fields. Horses represent power and epitomize courage, freedom, triumph, heroism, and competition. They are considered as a magnificent symbol of physical power and endurance, born to run wild and free. Their elegant physical characteristics along with their trustworthy intuition, and their timeless link with independence and confidence in both profound emotional and personal power, all contribute to their potent symbolism across many cultures, nearly equal to a noble being, warranting wonder, awe and enchantment.

Respectively, the present Monumental Horse sculpture of Menchaca Studio sets the grace standard. Thoughtfully designed, it carries a special sense of sacred character and nobleness, with a strong spiritual meaning that can take anyone on a journey to discover himself.

In the same way to the entirety of Menchaca Studio’s total output, so too the fiberglass Horse sculpture, is conceived and handcrafted by a selected group of artisans of Menchaca Studio, members of the pre-conquest community of native Huichol Indians of the mountains and canyons of Mexico whose culture has survived through thousands of years.

Capitalizing on the traditional technique of Huichol Art that draws upon both, the carefully bead by bead embedding by hand, and the powerful motifs of imagery, the authentic Huichol horse sculpture poignantly and beautifully exemplifies traditional beadwork. It combines fine crystals with intricate pattern details to form an attractive mosaic that interweaves with the ancient symbology of the millennium Huichol art, and its shamanistic traditions.

Thus, as a genuine artwork of the Mexican millenary Huichol tribe, Monumental Horse emerges from within, achieving a strong bond between the reality and the divine. By means of a process in which it communicates with the ‘spiritual world’ of Huicholes, it powerfully incorporates their immortal culture, belief and profound knowledge with regards to nature, history, religion and cosmology.

Undoubtedly, the impressive Huichol Horse statue of Menchaca Studio carries such a compensating largeness of effect that inevitably thrusts itself into attention, magnetizing the viewer at once. So dominant in shape and deceptively astounding in form, looks like a marvel to behold in the natural world. The elegant outlines of the corpus accurately display its dynamic silhouette plus give the impression of potential movement, while its appearance via the bronze hoofs with a 14 karat gold bath, reflects the intensity in its brave action.

Distinctive with a modernist take, the authentic Huichol fine crystal horse sculpture succeeds in contracting timeless cultural traditions, and effortlessly magnetizes the audience into its captivating sphere of mysticism and saga while, synchronously, revealing a whole new luxury world of modern folk classiness.

The Monumental Horse of Menchaca Studio certainly transmutes sacred idioms into Art through a vibrant figurative texture contacting inventively ancient art expertise and modern aesthetics.

Discover on |’n Art| platform the Art and Culture of Mexico through the handmade authentic works of Mechaca Studio, broadly acknowledged for their strong impact to the viewer, as masterfully delivered by Huichol people.

Be one with the spirit of Horse, by placing now into your space the fine crystal statement Monumental Horse from Menchaca Studio collection, and you will learn to believe in yourself, and trust your intuition∙ you will learn to have self-confidence and a peace that will help you go through any difficulty.

Nelly Fili

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 220 × 80 × 170 cm