Kostis Georgiou – Taurus series [ Public Benefit Sale for IFG ]


Kostis Georgiou (b. 1956)
Taurus [Public Benefit Sale for IFG]
painted aluminum
3.2 x 1.7 x 5.2 cm.
signed (lower right back)
from the unity Taurus and Dancers

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Artist/Maker: Kostis Georgiou (b. 1956)

Object/Materials and Techniques: Key Holder – Charm / Painted Aluminum

Date: Created in 2021

Dimensions: H. 3.2 cm. x W. 1.7 cm. x L. 5.2 cm. / Weight 0.2 Kg.

Art style: Micro-sculpture / Abstract Expressionism / Symbolism / Contemporary Mannerism

Elaboration time: 1 month

Signature: Signed in English (lower right back)

Current Location: International Foundation for Greece (IFG)

The limited-edition Taurus series is exclusively created and offered by the world-renowned artist, Kostis Georgiou, to the International Foundation for Greece (IFG) for Public Benefit Sale through the |’n Art| gallery online platform.

Curator’s note: Microscopic in size but audacious in form, the bull figurine sculpture, Taurus (Latin for bull, derived from the Hellenic word Ταῦρος), transliterates the usefulness of such basic hand accessory as the key holder into a context that is both elegant and dynamic.

Concurrently giving the impression of both potential movement and sculptural equilibrium, Taurus celebrates Kostis Georgiou signature Abstract Expressionism while synchronously encapsulating the spirit and aesthetics of Ancient Hellenic culture.

It is mainly inspired from the renowned and insuperable Prehistoric Minoan civilization on the Hellenic island of Crete which is considered to be the first advanced and most important Bronze Age Aegean civilization in whole Europe. Bull was a central theme in the Minoan civilization, with bull heads and bull horns being used as prime symbols in the Knossos Palace. Minoan frescos and ceramics depict bull-leaping, known as taurokathapsia, an Ancient Hellenic ritual of non–violent bull fighting involving acrobats of both sexes vaulted over the back of charging bulls by grasping their horns.

Furthermore, bulls epitomize masculinity within the animal kingdom, and give rise to feelings of astonishment when seen in nature because of their dominating features. Their delicate physical characteristics along with their bold character, and their timeless link with strength and power in both their physical and spiritual presence, all contribute to their potent symbolism, nearly equal to a king, across many cultures, warranting praise and worship.

Respectively, thoughtfully designed, Kostis Georgiou Taurus sets the grace standard. It has a direct reference to his monumental sculptures with bulls and dancers, and as so, the Taurus series constitutes part of his wider unity “Taurus and Dancers”. It certainly becomes an example of the range of scale in which the creator moves with comfort and skill.

Despite its small figure, the animal statuette is dominant in shape and deceptively astounding in form. The elegant outlines of the corpus accurately display its dynamic silhouette whilst its red colour reflects the intensity in its brave action.

Timeless ancient appeal & modern classiness all in one-of-a-kind new playful object of desire which occupies that tenuous space between practical usability and fine art.

Hold now or offer as a gift the iconic Taurus art accessory to signify strength and power, and truly enhance the art collecting experience by carrying something tangible everyday with you which bares the signature of a celebrated artist.

Nelly Fili


Taurus may be used as:

  • key holder
  • keychain for bag
  • car key chain
  • key ring
  • charm hanging pendant
  • standing miniature sculpture. 


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