Eva Paraskeva – Completeness (NFT)


Eva Paraskeva                             
ink drawing on watercolour paper
39.5×30 cm


Artist/Maker: Eva Paraskeva

Object/Materials and Techniques:Ink on Aquarelle-Watercolour Paper

Date: Painted in 2017

Dimensions: H. 39.5 cm x W. 30 cm

Art style: Ink Drawing

Current Location: Artist’s collection

Curator’s note: In ‘Completeness’, a hauntingly beautiful ink drawing, Eva Paraskeva employs a masterful interplay of line and shadow to capture the essence of human connection.

Destitute of facial details and any indication of setting, the two figures exist in an ambiguous space delineated by the artist’s confident strokes. The figures themselves are rendered with a bold, assured line, their posture and the way their bodies intertwine communicating a deep intimacy and emotional connection. Deliberate variations in line weight create a sense of depth and form, while carefully placed shadows enhance the sense of shared space and quietude.

Intriguingly, three slender strokes of ink appear to flow outwards from the figures’ embrace. These wispy lines, devoid of the control evident in the rest of the piece, hint at an intangible energy – perhaps the essence of joy or the feeling of completeness alluded to in the title. Their placement, just past the confines of the bodies, suggests an aura emanating from the connection itself, further emphasizing its depth and transformative power. Moreover, the gestural nature of these strokes, contrasting with the solidity of the figures, introduces a subtle sense of movement to the otherwise static composition. This hint of dynamism reinforces the notion of the connection’s energy and potential for growth.

The artist’s exploration of human connection in its purest form is exemplified in this work. By stripping away all extraneous detail and focusing on the expressive power of line, the artist compels the viewer to contemplate the essential: the profound bond between two human beings. ‘Completeness‘, then, becomes a poignant testament to the power of human connection, a connection that extends beyond the physical, and transcends the need for specific context.

The piece stands as a significant acquisition for collections focused on figurative art or the exploration of human emotions. However, its masterful execution, particularly the artist’s confident linework, the evocative nature of the inkwork, and the profound message, would undoubtedly resonate with a discerning audience, regardless of their collection’s specific focus.

Nelly Fili