Menchaca Studio – Eagle F1 (NFT)


Menchaca Studio (since 2010)
Eagle F1
fiberglass sculpture, fine crystals beads
97 x 109 x 510 cm. / weight 350 kg.


Artist/Maker: Menchaca Studio (since 2010)

Object/Materials and Techniques: Fiberglass Sculpture decorated with Fine Crystals Beads

Date: Created in 2018

Dimensions: H. 97 cm. x W. 109 cm. x L. 510 cm. / Weight 350 kg.

Art style: Sculpture / Huichol Art / Modern Folk Art

Elaboration time: 2 years

Current Location: Artist’s collection in Mexico City

Curator’s note: Unanticipated and eye-catching, the Eagle Formula One Racing Car from Menchaca Studio collection conveys modern refinement, lavish raw material and a seductive sculpted form of impeccable quality.

Praised for the opulent blend of the ancient Mexican spirit with the contemporary vision, Menchaca Studio consciously chooses to put in the spotlight the Eagle Mk1, commonly referred to as the Eagle T1G; a legendary Formula One racing car designed by Len Terry for Dan Gurney’s Anglo American Racers team.

According to bibliography: The Eagle which was presented at the start of the 1966 Formula One season is often regarded as one of the most gracefully crafted Grand Prix cars ever competed at the top of international motorsport.

The car sported a distinctively beaked radiator opening at the front. The lines of its chassis were remarkably clean and elegant, and one of its most noteworthy single design features was the vestigial eagle’s-beak nose.

In the hands of Gurney’s team, Eagle won the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix, making Dan Gurney only the second driver at the time, and one of three to date, to win a Formula One Grand Prix in a car of their own manufacture. This victory in Belgium is still the only one for an American car, as well as one of the almost two of American manufacturers licensed in Formula One.

Respectively, the present Eagle Formula One Racing Car art piece from Menchaca Studio collection, deceptively astonishing in form, exceedingly dynamic in shape, and accordingly dominant in size, carries such a compensating largeness of effect that inevitably thrusts itself into attention.

Alike the entirety of Menchaca Studio’s total output, so too this impressive Formula One Racing Car artwork is conceived and handcrafted by a selected group of artisans, members of the pre-conquest community of native Huichol Indians of the mountains and canyons of Mexico whose culture has survived through thousands of years.

Capitalizing on the painstaking bead by bead embedding and the powerful symbolism of imagery, two of the most important components of Huichol Art, Eagle of Menchaca Studio acts as a homage to the distinctiveness of the artistry and hand-craftmanship of Huicholes. Through its fine crystal beads and intricate pattern details that form a luxurious and attractive mosaic, it leaves and indelible mark upon the viewer contacting inventively ancient art expertise and modern aesthetics.

Over the last years, steadily penetrating the realm of popular culture, the creations of Menchaca Studio have succeeded in taking Huichol art out of its original context onto appearing in the form of modern and fashionable objects. Along with the designated group of Huichol artisans, Menchaca Studio launched an exclusive collection of special edition products and fashion superior pieces, as the present racing car, entirely adorned via the techniques and metaphors of the millenary Huichol art, by further adopting new materials like fine crystals of high quality.

Therefore, established international brands, among which the Mexican Formula One Grand Prix, enthusiastically collaborate with Menchaca Studio in order to special edition products and fashion exclusive pieces, including racing cars, being decorated via Huichol meaningful imagery.

In light of this, the present Huichol Eagle Formula One Racing Car sculpture, conveying, on one hand, the exquisiteness of the natural artistry of Huichol Art, and on the other hand, resounding the legend and the prestige of the leading automobile race in the world, eventually becomes an upper-class statement collectable, plus an exceptional object of desire.

Due to this distinctive opulent combination of ancient art practices with modern aesthetics and appeal, in particular, Eagle can turn any venue, where placed or exhibited, into an audacious and deluxe display.

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Do not waist time and make the legendary Eagle yours!

Nelly Fili

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Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 510 × 109 × 97 cm