Vasilios Roumeliotis / Roumelight – Binoculight


Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight
old binoculars, metal rod
bronze gold
19 x 7 x 21 cm.         

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Artist/Maker: Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight

Object/Materials and Techniques: Old Binoculars / Metal Rod

Date: Created in 2015

Dimensions: H. 19 cm. x W. 7 cm. x L. 21 cm. (adjustable hanging)

Colours: Bronze Gold

Art style: Light art / Luminism / Lighting sculpture

Current Location: Artist’s collection, Mykonos

Curator’s note: ‘Shine a Light on Secrecies’

Baring the aesthetic signature of Roumelight brand, the Binoculight luminaire becomes an iconic piece that brings an air of spirited finesse and distinctive character to any space.

This pair of vintage binoculars, conceived within the envelope of an existing elemental and conventional object, has been transformed and elevated into an unexpected and sophisticated lighting pendant that masterfully allows a dialogue between past and present to thrive.

The regenerated Binoculight lighting sculpture is given such novel spirit that even melds into the perception of a brand new and fresh design story of itself, and showcases its unique elegance by virtue of being rather fashionable.

It further enhances the tonality of a mysterious eccentric atmosphere, while adding a hint of soulful drama to any interior. So expressive in its own silhouette, someone could say that Binoculight reflects to such a convincing degree the era that once Sherlock Holmes’ or Hercules Poirot’s renowned detective stories took place, and manages to masterfully capture the refined and sophisticated ‘aura’ of that epoch demonstrating a superior style of luminous design.

Artfully arranged in different interior settings, either hanging over a residential dining table or suspended as a bedside lamp, or else displayed at an exhibition venue, the solid Binoculight lighting piece from the Roumelight collection balances impressively between function and stylishness, inevitably thrusting itself into high attention.

Nelly Fili

Installation notes:

  • Binoculight is comprised of two dimmable spot LED bulbs suitable to achieve the desired ambience and the atmospheric lighting inside a space.
  • The hanging may be adjustable.
  • Technical support for assembling or hanging the lighting work is recommended.
  • Instructions by the artist may be provided.


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Dimensions 21 × 7 × 19 cm