Vasilios Roumeliotis / Roumelight – Wheelight Fuchsia


Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight                            
Wheelight Fuchsia                            
metal alloy, acrylic glass                            
fuchsia canvas / BMW’s metallic black blue, bronze, gold metal parts                              
85 x 14 x 60 cm.                                

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Artist/Maker: Vasilios Roumeliotis (b. 1977) / Roumelight

Object/Materials and Techniques: Metal Alloy / Acrylic Glass   

Date: Created in 2019

Dimensions: H. 85 cm. x D. 14 cm. x W. 60 cm. (adjustable hanging) Wheel diameter: 50 cm.

Colours: Fuchsia Canvas / BMW’s Metallic Black Blue, Bronze, Gold Metal Parts    

Art style: Light Art / Luminism / Lighting Sculpture / Industrial Design

Current Location: Artist’s collection, Mykonos

Curator’s note: ‘Put Yourself into a Luminous Forceful Rotation’

A rather powerful piece of Roumelight lighting collection, the Wheelight Fuchsia, exudes plenteous materiality, a highly developed state of quality and an allusive take on contemporary forms and luminism.

This BMX bicycle-style wheel lighting installation, hangs like a seductive sculpture in its radial arrangement with bold circular shape and strong industrialised presence.

So named for its spherical lighting explosion, Wheelight Fuchsia piece encases every space with a warm glowing light featuring a harmoniously impactful embodiment of sculpture and functional design.

Nelly Fili

Installation notes:

  • The lighting colour of the lamps is warm white.
  • The intensity of lighting may be adjusted by switching between the inner and the outer rings of lights or by dimming the interior G4 lights.
  • Different lighting combinations (inner wreath, outer or both) are feasible, and there is a large variety of lighting colouration on the outside luminous wreath.
  • The inner luminous wreath is dimmable.
  • Regarding the background, in place of the plexiglass, a choice of coloured glass or glass with printing (of any subject) is obtainable.
  • The wheel may be customized in different sizes and colours, including the legendary BMW’s Metallic Black Blue.
  • The style of the wheel may vary (classic with braided spokes or radial without braided spokes).
  • There is possibility of choosing a rectangle instead of a circular canvas, giving a totally different style to the overall Wheelight installation.
  • Technical support for assembling or hanging the lighting work is recommended.
  • Instructions by the artist may be provided.


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