Special Entry – Takis Marthas: Abstraction & Novelty

|’n Art| proudly welcomes and adds in its collection corpus the major body of the oeuvre of Takis Marthas (1905-1960)  a leading versatile figure of the Hellenic Architecture and Art with a historical place among the pioneers of Abstraction in Hellas.

Takis Marthas combined successfully the role of the Architect, Painter and Professor at the School of Architecture in the National Technical University of Athens.


Linked with Abstraction’s revolutionary ethos, Takis Marthas dominated and became one of the most distinctive figures of the Hellenic artistic avant-garde of all ages due to  his unique brand of mixed-media amorphous, abstracted and complexly arranged compositions -rather bold and subversive for the time.


Unquestionably, of high historical and cultural importance was Takis Marthas’ contribution to the formation of architecture in the years between the Wars in Hellas  with him being the constructor of characteristic and celebrated works of ‘modern architecture of the Interwar Period in Athens, Hellas (for instance the widely known Apartment Building, 25 Metsovou Str.) ➕ first-prize award-winning monuments.

|’n Art|potentially, leading Takis Marthas masterpieces across the world, through its e-gallery display and curatorial interpretation, seeks to invite all to an upper class viewing and collecting experience while spreading Takis Marthas valuable legacy to the new generations.

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 Part of the revenues, generated by the on-line sales of Takis Marthas artworks through the |’n Art| e-platform, are donated to the noble causes of the International Foundation for Greece Aspasia Leventis

 Special Thanks to Dr. Loukia Martha, grand daughter of Takis Marthas, for conferring a trust upon the |’n Art| gallery, regarding Takis Marthas oeuvres.  

Nelly Fili
Archaeologist – Art Historian|Museologist|Curator
MA Museum and Gallery Management