Alex Chien – If I Were A Plant

New Entry: Alex Chien & His Pop Surrealist Artworks

|’n Art| is pleased to introduce one of the gallery’s latest additions  Cast your fantasy and step into the hallucinatory world of Alex Chien. 

Sizable cartoon arrangements, vibrant colours, eccentric reflections, toying with various motifs, figures and objects  all blend together convey such an aesthetic vibe that magnetizes the viewer at once.

Formally audacious, Alex Chien’s works are infused with personal meaning, plus social and cultural resonance, raising awareness and proving that cartooning or graffiti art can become a very effective tool for illustrating important matters of the contemporary society.

Curator’s pick  If I Were A Plant

Alex Chien
If I Were A Plant
acrylics, sprays and oil pastels on canvas
120 x 90 cm.

Alex Chien – If I Were A Plant
Alex Chien – If I Were A Plant

Alex Chien – If I Were A Plant

With a strong auto-sarcastic attitude, Alex Chien puts himself in a hypothetic situation of being a plant, introducing a utopian version of his self, his identity and his personality, shaped into a vegetal dimension. 

He slips the viewer into the perspective of an alternate reality, poking fun, while, at the same time, drawing attention upon crucial environmental matters of our times.  

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Alex Chien (b. 1994) is a Hellenic distinctive young graffiti artist, being formally educated and trained in the UK. He belongs to this new generation of creatives, all 30 years old or even younger, that are redefining the Surrealist movement by reflecting Surrealism through contemporary ways & media.

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Nelly Fili
Archaeologist – Art Historian|Museologist|Curator
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