|'n ART|

|’n Art| Online Platform: A Global Perspective

Always believing in the power of the digital world, we established the |’n Art| gallery online right from the start. 

We chose to step beyond the local art scene or any limited physical venue and we went global ever since our foundation. 

Until today, we keep on building an international brand name into the art world ecosystem. 

Especially now more than ever, it is of our greatest challenge, for the whole team of |’n Art|being able to develop a dialogue and give access to art to a worldwide audience.

We strongly believe that the art world stands to benefit a great deal as the online art market grows, providing more networking opportunities both for the artists and the collectors, regardless of their location.

|’n Art| proudly operates under the umbrella of the AFRICON Group of companies and is affiliated with the International Foundation for Greece (IFG).

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