|’n Art|- Instant Art Trading & Investment

Art is linked to everything; connects and intersects with any field of interest, Science ‘n Art, Music ‘n ArtTechnology ‘n ArtArchaeology ‘n ArtClimate change ‘n ArtCharity ‘n Art and so on….

Art participates in an activity that constantly interacts with all kinds of elements, ending up being shaped and shaping.

In this sense, the |’n Art| platform aims to maximize the potential of incorporating every aspect of art into any domain, any branch of knowledge.

With what purpose?

To enable public realm.

To make all people become aware of that feeling with which may not be unfamiliar but did not actively focus on before; the feeling of being moved and touched by a certain work of art; by a certain exhibition; by a certain art project; by a certain spatio-temporal art experiment; by a certain art concept…

|’n Art| is a plan that seeks to extend the usual boundaries of art by engaging art with

any sphere of activity,

any sphere of influence,

any sphere of study,

any domain,

any discipline,

any territory,

any specialty,

any scope,

any outlook,

any taste…|’n Art| within any context.

The choice is yours ! ‘

Nelly Fili
Archaeologist-Art Historian|Museologist|Curator
MA Museum and Gallery Management